Sasha Sullivan

Photo by Darin Back

Sasha grew up in the theatre making her debut at the age of 3 in the musical Carousel. She spent years working, studying, performing her craft and was on the path to becoming very successful. After school she moved to New York City where she had landed a job with the iconic Performance Space 122. She was an actor and also a founding member of CuriousNoise Theatre and her colleagues we’re anticipating her to do great things in New York.

It was then that Sullivan made a trip out west to visit some friends in Telluride, and it changed her world forever. Sasha’s visit was so impactful to her, that she chose to leave the big city and move to Telluride. Her New York colleagues thought she was throwing her career away, but something in Telluride inspired Sasha to come.

Once in Telluride, she founded SquidShow Theatre which became popular for its original work that Sasha herself would write, direct and perform. She also worked with the Telluride Repertory Theatre which focused more on community productions of existing texts. After a successful five years, she worked with the two boards to merge the non-profits into one and Telluride Theatre was born.

Photo by Darin Back

In 2011, Sasha became the Artistic Director of Telluride Theatre where she was able to follow her passions. Their mission is a dedication to creating a thriving theatrical presence in the region, by producing original company-driven, culturally relevant community theatre, and year-round educational programs.

Sasha is also the lead instructor and creator of Telluride Theatre’s popular adult education “Burlesque” class and yearly SOLD-OUT fundraiser.

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Our Favorite Places to Catch a Show

In Telluride, we are lucky enough to have a variety of venues to accommodate the breadth of shows that rotate through year round. The venues here support the culture of our region and are just as diverse as the exhibitions and performances you can catch inside of them.

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