Melissa Harris

Photo by Darin Back

Melissa May Harris considers herself blessed to live in such a magical place. Since 1999, when she moved to the quint little town of Telluride, she found herself inspired by her surroundings.

Harris grew up in a very creative home where she learned the craft of sewing from her mother and grandmother. Since then, she has created costumes for Telluride Theatre productions like Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shakespeare in the Park. She has also replicated a dress from the 1800’s that would have been worn by the women of the red light district. The dress became the centerpiece for the exhibit called “Telluride at Leisure” at the Telluride Historical Museum in 2014.

Photo by Darin Back

Harris has had the opportunity to learn and grow in numerous directions and has followed her passion to thrive. But as an artist she knows how hard it is to make a living, especially in a small town like Telluride. With that in mind, Melissa joined together with four other local artists to open a studio in town to offer a space for creation as well as a venue for local artists to exhibit and sell their work to the public. Melange is an art gallery that doubles as a working studio, classroom and boutique-all in one.

At Melange, Melissa found herself busy making special-order clothes and teaching young children to ignite their creativity through crafting in her weekly class Crafternoons. Despite her busy schedule, she still made the time to wander outdoors and yet again be inspired by Telluride’s enduring beauty.

Now a year later, she’s sold her portion of the successful business and is looking forward to taking on the next great experience that awaits her…Motherhood!

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