Himay Palmer

himat-1-galin-330x495Some people live their entire life without ever finding what it is that makes them tick, gives them true meaning and excites them to go live their dream. Himay Palmer, found that passion at a young age. It was skiing. It was the desire to climb tall mountains without help from machinery. He wanted to breathe in that first breathe atop a mountain range and anticipate the thrill of what lies below.

Himay started to live that passion after moving to Steamboat to ski everyday possible, but it wasn’t until stepping foot in Telluride that he truly felt at home.

Himay has skied first descents on many of the chutes and couloirs around the San Juan’s, but has yet to ski everything this area has to offer. Nearly 30 years later, he still finds himself waking up before the sun to make his way up yet another peak.

Sharing his passion with his kids is now what brings him joy. The opportunity of raising your children in such a healthy environment is truly a gift for Himay. He loved raising his kids on the bunny hills of Chair 10 and now he finds himself chasing them down areas of the resort that he’s never been before!

“Skiing with your kids is magic, you don’t really know until you have kids of your own”. Himay Palmer

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Some of Our Favorite Trails

If asked, every skier will give you a different list of their favorite trails. It’s not easy. Narrowing down 127 trails to just a handful of your top picks will give you anxiety. Do you focus on the rewarding hike-tos on Gold Hill? The 4.6 mile-long Galloping Goose trail? The iconic and historic Telluride Trail?


  • Great story and great video but what’s discouraging is it seems near impossible in today’s day to follow that same dream and passion. How does someone simply afford to live in telluride “living their dream” skiing as much as possible with an average to below average paying job in tourism or service industry? I’d love to do what Himay did but just seems impossible to achieve with how expensive housing is in telluride. Please offer advice.

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