Himay Palmer

“Skiing with your kids is magic. You don’t really know until you have kids of your own.”

Himay’s Bio

Michael “Hawkeye” Johnson

“I just try to be an example. I’m keeping myself happy, and hopefully, along the way, I can influence some people.”

Hawkeye’s Bio

Sasha Sullivan

“I want to create from a place of love, and create from a place of community. And for me, that’s what’s important.”

Sasha’s Bio

Hilaree O’Neill

“Expeditions are definitely feats of endurance, and I think parenting is very similar to that,”

Hilaree’s Bio

Melissa Harris

“It’s an amazing experience to watch people become inspired and to see their creativity take flight…”

Melissa’s Bio

Greg Hope

“We’re all looking out for each other and showing each other new things, and all just enjoying the outdoors.”

Greg’s Bio


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