Sasha Sullivan

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Sasha is a woman who is finding freedom in Telluride.  She finds it through art, through music, and through performance.  Sasha is one-of-a-kind, but her experience in Telluride is not.  Many find a sense of freedom and expression here.  Telluride is all about exploration, but where and what is explored is up to the individual.

If you enjoy Sasha’s story, then be sure to check back next Wednesday for the next episode of Lucky Enough.

“I want to create from a place of love, and create from a place of community. And for me, that’s what’s important.”

Sasha Sullivan

Locals’ Knowledge

Our Favorite Places to Catch a Show

In Telluride, we are lucky enough to have a variety of venues to accommodate the breadth of shows that rotate through year round. The venues here support the culture of our region and are just as diverse as the exhibitions and performances you can catch inside of them.

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  • I’ve lived in telluride since I was 4 and am 21 now. I competed in freestyle since I was 12 but my brothers are the special ones. Nicki, he should and could be on the junior Olympic team but ended up in Boulder, going to a community college in Longmont. My older brother Bradley is the amazing one! He’s autistic but knows how to ski, snow board, race board and tellymark. Brad is one of the most loving and caring person I know and I chrerish that with all I have. I know that I’ve side tracked a lot but if you walk down the street and you ask someone if they know nicki jones or bradly the “king of telluride” who they are if they’re a true local they’ll turn around and say absolutely I know who they are! I remember when Hoot passed away and how much of affect it had on brad. But to this day I am so proud and honored to truly call myself a local of telluride.

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