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The sport of skiing is so wholesome.  So pure.  It can be done for a lifetime, it can be done with family, and it can be done all over the world.

Himay Palmer is a skier, and he is as honest and real as they come.  His Lucky Enough story is relatable for any parent who has raised a skier in their family.  Go ahead.  View the video and fall into the story.

Then, be sure to check back next Wednesday for our next episode of Lucky Enough.

“Skiing with your kids is magic. You don’t really know until you have kids of your own.”

Himay Palmer

Locals’ Knowledge

Some of Our Favorite Trails

If asked, every skier will give you a different list of their favorite trails. It’s not easy. Narrowing down 127 trails to just a handful of your top picks will give you anxiety. Do you focus on the rewarding hike-tos on Gold Hill? The 4.6 mile-long Galloping Goose trail? The iconic and historic Telluride Trail?



  • Lucky to know Telluride the way I do, with memories going back over 30 yrs up to just this past Oct. Not lucky enough to say I’m a resident. Yet…

  • Our family was lucky enough to have had a Honey Ginger Lemonade stand a couple of summers ago.
    During the Blues and Brews festival just a hop skip and a jump from the gondolas. We were lucky enough to have friends who live and work in Telluride. We plan on doing it again in 2015. It brought happy tears to my eyes to hear the joy that is Telluride.

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