Hawkeye Johnson

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Hawkeye Johnson is an explorer. He has hiked, trekked and walked all across America.  He has seen and done things few will ever experience. Through his journeys, he found Telluride, and made it his home.  Today, he uses his time to make a positive impact on people, so they can explore the great outdoors… just like him.

Hawkeye is an inspiration for many people.  If you like his story, then be sure to check back on January 14th, 2015 to watch his Lucky Enough story.

“I just try to be an example. I’m keeping myself happy, and hopefully, along the way, I can influence some people.”

Michael “Hawkeye” Johnson

Locals’ Knowledge

Exciting Ways To Give Back While You Are in Telluride

Telluride is known for its culture of giving and support for not just the local organizations, but international concerns as well. Dive in a bit deeper, get to know what makes this town tick, and why many people will never leave.

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  • Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the series this year — graphics are great — and stories are well told, written, shot and edited.
    Thank you for sharing — and hope we’ll see more like this soon.
    Carolyn McEnrue/KLST-TV/San Angelo, Texas — (part-time Telluride area resident!)

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