A series about six people and their connection to Telluride. Here are their stories…


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Locals' Knowledge

  • - Hilaree O’Neill

    “Raising kids I’m just winging it. There’s no instruction manual. You can’t go, like, take a course on how to tie a knot or something.”

    - Hilaree O’Neill
  • - Himay Palmer

    “Skiing with your kids is magic. It’s so much fun. You don’t really know until you have kids of your own. That connection, that bond, just to turn him onto it. It’s a great feeling.”

    - Himay Palmer
  • - Greg Hope

    “It is fun to go explore elsewhere, but every time I do I’m very grateful when I get home and realize how much we have here. It’s not that aggressive of a vibe here…”

    - Greg Hope